cmd + p - Use this to print the document/file that is currently open on your machine

cmd + s - Save the file you are currently working on with a quick press of two buttons together on your machine

cmd + a - Selects all items on the page

cmd + c - Use this to copy a selected section of text/ picture

cmd + x - Cuts a selected section of text or a picture

cmd + v - Pastes any cut or copied file to a new location

cmd + z - Undoes the last action you took

cmd + y - If you accidentally deleted some text, pressing these two together will redo that.

cmd + b - Enables you to start typing in bold or if you select a portion of text you can make it bold.

cmd + i - Start typing in italics or select a portion of text and make it italic.

cmd + o - Opens the selected file or opens your Finder to select a file.

cmd + m - Minimise the open program to your Dock.

cmd + n - Opens a new file or page depending on which program is open on the screen

cmd + q - Quits the open App.

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