Today, news started spreading of a new version of ransomware called Petrwrap which is similar to Petya & WannaCry and is hitting hard internationally.  Europe is especially being hit hard with banks, airports and some public agencies saying their systems are compromised.  There have also been a few reports in the US such as pharma company Merck and some well known law firms.

So how do you protect yourself? If these big companies can't protect themselves against ransomware, how can you?  There's one glaring reason these companies are becoming infected by viruses.  Larger companies are notoriously slow with updates when it comes to tech.  I would be willing to bet that these companies even have some computers still running Windows XP. That is the number one reason why large companies are so susceptible to virus infection... slow updates.

If you keep your windows updated, you are already better off than most people.  The second thing you need is a good anti-malware.  A good anti-malware will protect you from all types of ransomware including WannaCry & Petya. We recommend you take a look at Watchdog Development Anti-malware. Time after time it has been rated as the best ransomware protection by the leading agencies.

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