Every year the question we are asked most is what anti-virus is the best.  The truth is, almost all anti-virus programs are equal with a few exceptions.  Most of them will provide you adequate protection and performance and most of them are in the same price range.

Anti-virus shopping is almost like car shopping.  You might find one person that loves Honda but the next person might very much dislike Honda.  The same goes with anti-virus brands.  Users have had either good or bad experiences and are normally very vocal about the subject.  Word of mouth therefore is the worst choice for choosing which brand of anti-virus you want to purchase.

Luckily for us all, there are independent testing companies out there that will solve the problem for us by rigorously testing the anti-virus programs and giving us their results.  Below are links to these companies so you can view the data for yourself and make an informed decision on which anti-virus program you want to purchase.

AV Comparatives

AV Test

Virus Bulletin


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