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  • Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System - Windows PC

    Fun activities tohelp children discover the joy ofreading while strengthening essentialskills!Product InformationThe Reader Rabbit Reading Learning System uses awinning combination of lively lessons, delightful songs and creativegames toteach and reinforce...
  • Typing Instructor for Business 2.0 - Windows

    Improve yourproductivity at work!Product InformationTyping Instructor for Business Version 2.0 combineseffectiveinstructional techniques with easy-to-use menus, you'll learn touchtypingquickly and easily. Typing Instructor for Business also adds fun andchallengeto the process...
  • QuickStudy Algebra Booster for Windows PC

    Take the quick path to math success and build algebraskills! Product Information Quickstudy Algebra Booster provides a solid educational foundation that will raise grades and test scores and improve math...
  • JumpStart 3D Virtual World: The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin

    Use your smarts to unearth the legend and become theUltimate JumpScoutProduct InformationThere is something unique in following in the footsteps of a legend.  Getstarted on your journey to discover the...
  • Zoombinis 3rd Grade Learning System Volume 2

    Learn Critical 3rd Grade SkillsProduct InformationA fun, complete learning system where your child will gain inspiration, confidence, and learning dependence with Zoombinis 3rd Grade Learning System. Your child will build...
  • Instant Immersion Japanese Deluxe 2.0 for Windows PC

    Your passport to languagefluency!Product InformationFrom the worldwide leader in language learning, InstantImmersion Japanese Deluxe 2.0 is the preferred method to learn your newlanguage. It combines hands-on computer based training, the...
  • Thinkin" Things Collection 3 for Windows and Mac

    Develop problem solving skills essential forsuccess!Product InformationThinkin' Things Collection 3 is brimming with learning opportunities forstudents working on their own or with others. Activities help students build reasoning strength, spatial and...
  • Road Adventures USA for Windows PC

    An exciting roadtrip adventure that builds real-life skills!Product InformationYou're in the driver's seat in this skill-building journey from thecreatorsof The Oregon Trail! A secret destination awaits. You must use yourdecision-making...
  • I Spy - Treasure Hunt w-I SPY Book & Bonus Mini CD

    Explore Smuggler's Coverand find the hidden treasures!Product InformationEmbark on an adventure to Smuggler's Cove, a community bursting withpirate history, elusive clues, and spectactular hidden treasures.Exploring the town and playing I...
  • Learn 9 Languages The Story of Moses

    An easy and entertaining way to learn a newlanguage!Product InformationDesigned Specially for Beginners.  Multilingual stories in English,Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Reading and listening to stories can...
  • Rocky Mountain States Grade 4-6 - Created by Teachers!

    Study the history and geography of the United StatesProduct InformationExplore the Rocky Mountain states including Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Take a tour of Yellowstone National Park, discover...
  • Stanley"s Sticker Stories for Windows and Mac

    Build creativity, reading and writing skills as youmake animated storiesProduct InformationCreate animated storybooks as you play with Stanley and his friends!Kids love Millie, Bailey, Sammy and Trudy. Now they can...
  • Thinkin" Things Sky Island Mysteries for Windows-Mac

    Cracking cases builds brainpower!Product InformationStudents engage their higher-order thinking skills as they solve the SkyIsland mysteries. Students practice skills that will help in their daily lives,such as how to prioritize...
  • Paul Cezanne: Art Tours Interactive Guides

    Interactive Guides to the Worlds Finest ArtCollectionsProduct InformationPaul Czannes vibrancy and quiet exploration make him one of the mostbrilliant and representative of the Impressionist painters. In this interactive3D virtual gallery...
  • Reader Rabbit 1st Grade - Learning Creations

    Fly up high and learn 1st gradeskills with Reader Rabbit on Cloud Nine!Product InformationWhat's up with the weather? Fly up to Cloud Nine with Reader Rabbit and friendsto discover why...
  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten - Learning Creations

    Bouncearound with Reader Rabbit & learn important Kindergarten skillsProduct InformationPut on your jumping shoes and bounce your way through this FUNtasticlearningadventure with Reader Rabbit! Filled with colorful charactersand exciting places,...
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